Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Coventry shenanigans!

Hello everyone! Well, as we’re now in March and the time seems to be zooming by yet again, I will tell you what I've been up to in Coventry with my friends and what I've been up to at uni/ home. It’s been pretty hectic over the past couple of weeks since I did my last blog; like I said before, I went to Coventry with my college/ home friends to see a friend who’s at uni up there on the 1st March. It was such an awesome weekend, there were 11 of us in total and we stayed at our friend’s house for two nights (Friday to Sunday). On the Friday we just chilled out, watched a film and had dinner and stuff, to be honest we were all so tired from working all day/ at uni and from the travel up to Coventry that we just wanted to sit down and do nothing… we sound like such old farts but we were shattered haha!

On the Saturday we went round the town and looked around the shops, the weather was so nice, I even took my jacket off at one point, and considering it’s snowing again this week taking my jacket off outside felt so good! We then went to a nice little restaurant in the town which was good, the town was actually really nice, had a cathedral (so I suppose it was a city) but it felt kind of cute and quirky like a town, and the university was spread out over the town too which was nice. Later that night we started to get ready to go clubbing, we then played a drinking game, kind of like snakes and ladders but whatever you landed on you either had to do a shot or someone else had to drink, and yeah you get the gist! I was rather tipsy before leaving, we all were, but it was so much fun, we got to the club about midnight and danced the night away until 4am! We walked back from the club, my god my feet were killing me! (I was wearing flats as well!) The next morning we all were all feeling pretty rough, probably from all of them vodka shots and jagar bombs :P. Overall it was such a good weekend, was lovely to see them all. J

So, apart from that, I've been super busy at uni doing my dissertation! I’m proud to announce that I have finished my first draft of my analysis and I’m onto my discussion woo! I've done 8,500 words now, so I have another 1,000 on my discussion and then around 1,000 on my introduction and abstract… then I’m done J. I've got an essay due in in a month’s time, wasn't worried about at first but now I need to get the essay plan done! Everything is coming around so fast, I break up for Easter next Friday eek! Then I only have revision classes after for exams. Can’t believe I won’t be a student L. However, I’m looking forward to working and gaining some experience and the money :P. I’m applying for a master’s degree and a PGCE this September though, as I’d like to work for a year and then enter education for one more year starting September 2014. I’m applying for both as both appeal to me, and really I’d like to teach and then perhaps go down the clinical/ educational psychology route later on, but yeah we’ll see! I’m keeping my options open J.

I went home the weekend just gone, as we all know it was mother’s day! Hope you all treated your mum’s and did something nice J. All of my family got together at my nan’s, it was really nice; we had a Italian buffet going on, different to the boring roast haha. It was nice seeing all my family too, about 16 of us were there, I haven’t seen most of them since Christmas (sounds ages ago but when you’re busy it seems like last week!). I’m now back at uni for 2 or 3 weeks, slaving away with uni work, however I’m going to enjoy seeing my uni friends and living in London as much as I can as time is going so fast and before I know it, I’ll be moving back to Essex *cry*.

I better stop there as if I ramble anymore I’ll be writing an essay! I’ll ramble on again soon with all my crazy shenanigans and uni work haha, hope you all had a good weekend!

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