Friday, 14 December 2012

Nearly there!

Hey people, sorry it’s been forever since I last blogged! I've been stupidly busy over the past month with exams, essays, dissertation and revision! I can tell you that this term has been the most hectic and hardest I have ever faced since starting Uni, hopefully next term will ease the pressure off a bit.

So I’ll start off talking about work (actual work not coursework!). I went to the Isle of Sheppey again for some mentoring, it’s making all of us excited to go to France for the mentoring trip in February as well as the kids from France coming over to London! I've been working with the research fellow’s quite a lot with some admin for the project, it’s pretty interesting but I think the best part will be when we actually mentor them! 

I've also been working quite a lot in the Enquiry unit, and if I’m not revising or have lectures, I take up any overtime I can! (As it’s Christmas and yet again I have no money haha). I literally cannot wait until Christmas now, the only bad thing is I have to tackle two exams before I break up for the holidays L which I’m really not prepared for, I only have one more week which I need to cram everything in. To be honest, I think it’s quite mean having two exams on the last two days of term (considering by then it’s only 4 days until Christmas day!). I have been revising my bum off lately though, and the exam I did a few weeks ago (which I thought went terribly) came back with a nice surprise, I got 68! I was so shocked but it’s given me some confidence for the next ones J.

Apart from work and university assignments I've been doing Christmas shopping, seeing friends, being festive in central London AND guess what!? I saw my favourite band ever on Tuesday – Mumford and Sons!! Believe it or not, the doors at the o2 for the gig opened at 6:30pm, and I was sitting in my dressing gown at 6:50pm, and my boyfriend said ‘there’s tickets going still for £40 shall we go?!’ I was like ‘hell yeah!’ so we got our coats on and got our bags together super-fast and ran out the door onto the DLR and got to the o2 in half an hour, thankfully Mumford wasn't on until 8:30 so we saw the band before them too. It was one of the best gig’s I've been to, I recommend seeing them! 

As for Christmas holidays, I think I will be mooching around all day every day for 2 weeks (as well as writing 5000 words but I’d rather not think about that). I've almost got everyone’s presents now, thank goodness as I can’t face the last minute Christmas shoppers!

I’m really looking forward to next term though, as I’m studying developmental psychology, educational psychology, gender race and crime and my dissertation, which are pretty interesting subjects! Plus, the assignments don’t seem to be too full on, which is good as I need to finish my dissertation by April. But, once the Christmas hols get here, I’m going to forget about assignments for a while and just have a break!

Will speak to you soon hope you have a good Christmas and enjoy the festivities!