Monday, 19 November 2012

Busy busy busy!

So since I last spoke to you all, I’ve had a ridiculous amount of deadlines and revision which have clogged up most of my time, however it’s also been an exciting month and I’ve somehow managed to go out with friends quite a lot!
I had an exam last week which I revised loads for (even went to the library on the Sunday before!), but typically, almost everything that came up in the exam was not what I had memorised and had drummed into my brain… which meant it was a really painful hour of my life! I managed to answer most of them with some confidence, but some of them I really did not have a clue on L. I answered them all though so I’m now praying that I get a good grade! I also finished my literature review for my dissertation (relief!) and my supervisor said I’ve done really well on it J. Only another 7000 words to go haha! I’ve had to fill in my ethics form, start my essay plan for my crime course anddd start my humungous essay for my parapsychology course… lord give me strength.
With some miracle I have had some spare time to enjoy myself with my friends. I went to Surrey a couple of weekends ago to visit my friends at Surrey University, there was loads of us who went and we attended a Harry Potter party at their union! It was so much fun, I went as Hermoine (easy enough outfit!). I’ve also been out with my uni friends chilling round their houses, which was a nice getaway from all this work!
I’ve also been working loads (actual work) in the enquiry unit and the research centre. I’m going to the Isle of Sheppey again this week to visit the schools and mentor the kids. It was a laugh last time so I’m sure this week will be good! All the mentors are lovely and we all have a laugh so I’m really looking forward to going France with everyone and the kids in Feb! It’s for 3 days in total, it might be hard work but I’m going with my best friends (who are also mentors) and the others I met at work so I can see it’s going to be good!
OH and how can I forget, Chris Hemsworth (Yes, the good looking guy who plays Thor) was at the Greenwich campus last week, and I think this week, filming Thor 2! My friends on Facebook were posting statuses about it and I got so excited that I couldn’t help myself but go and have a look myself! The set is huge and we can’t walk through the uni as they’ve put massive boulders in the middle! Not going to lie, Chris looked good in his Thor costume…