Thursday, 28 February 2013

So many things coming up!

Hey everyone! Well I haven’t been up to a lot since my last blog; however I have been getting on with lots of uni work! I’m now doing my analysis for my dissertation which is a relief as I've got around another 2000 words for my analysis and another 1000 for my discussion and I’m almost there! Just the introduction and abstract and sorting out references J. Sounds a lot but when you’re constantly doing university work and thinking of the amount of words you have to write, this amount doesn't sound too bad haha!

Other than that, there are loads of things I’m looking forward to, my 21st birthday is coming up in the Easter holidays (which are only about 3 weeks away!) and I’m planning on going on a Central London pub crawl with some mates which will be awesome! Plus, my family and my boyfriend have a surprise up their sleeves… my mum said to me that I have to keep the 6th and 7th of April free as we’re going somewhere! No one will spill the beans so I’m anxious yet so excited about it! I’ll tell you what it is after I've been but knowing them they won’t tell me where we’re going until we've arrived there! Like I said, it’ll be the Easter holidays but as its third year and there’s no rest for the wicked, I’ll be editing and making sure my dissertation is the best it can be and also writing a 3000 word essay for my crime course, but obviously I’ll fit in seeing friends and family ;). I’m also seeing the band Biffy Clyro on the 3rd of April, which I’m so excited for! I’m seeing them at the o2 in Greenwich which is good as it’s not far away at all! There are so many other things I have planned where to begin?! I’m going Lake District in June sometime with my boyfriend, which will be lovely as exams will be over and we can just relax! I’m also planning on going on a hot holiday in July, and then planning on going to Reading festival in August woo! So yeah, loads planned!

Ooh I found out my exam timetable yesterday, it was scary as I was hoping I didn't have two or even three exams on the same day like last year! But this year my exams are quite spread out which is good, my last one is developmental psychology on the 29th May… I will be finishing my degree on that day at 11:30am! J I think I’m going to come out of that exam not quite believing that I've finished!!! I was talking to a friend yesterday and I think we’re going to plan a big night out in Venue in New Cross at the end of May, all of us together celebrating! Can’t wait!

I’m going Coventry this weekend by the way to see my college friends which will be amazing! So I’ll let you know how it went when I next talk to you guys!

Speak soon,

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