Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy new year everyone!

Well as it’s now 2013 (still don’t know where 2012 went!), we can make a fresh start on everything! As per every year, I make my new year’s resolution to stop biting my nails, do well in my work, etc, but this year is slightly different to any other year before… I’m turning 21 (scary!), I’m finishing my degree in May (only 5 months), I’m graduating and I’m going to be in a full time job! So a lot is happening this year but I’m really excited!

Apart from thinking about my future plans, I have loads of work to do this month, including my sociology essay, my methodology for my dissertation and conducting my focus groups for my research, I really hope it goes well! I found out that I got a 1st on my Health Psychology exam woo! So that was a nice surprise over the Christmas break! J I think coming back to Uni its hit me how much I need to do as I had a rather lazy one over the holidays, kind of wish I did a bit more but I’m getting there! So glad I don’t have any exams until May now though, the week before we broke up for Christmas was ridiculously busy… I had 2 exams and a big deadline in one week! But I think I did well and that 1st I got made it worth it!

As for outside of University, I’m doing some extra shifts over the holiday which helps a lot! I've also been really busy seeing friends who I haven’t seen in so long as they go to different universities around the country, so that was nice! I've also been out a lot, for new year’s we had a house party with all my friends from home, it was so good, definitely a great way to start the year! I think I’m going to the cinema next week to see Les Miserables, actually can’t wait it looks so good! They filmed part of it at this university, Greenwich campus, and apparently (I didn't see it) but there were elephant statues there and Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried were spotted walking around the campus for filming! So look out for the university if you watch the film. >>>>>>

Also, I really want to see Gangster Squad, it has Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in it! There are so many other films I want to see!

I’m actually applying for jobs at the moment (can never be too early I suppose), so when I have the time I’m working my way through application forms and information packs! I just hope I get called for an interview soon, it would make me relax a little as I know how hard it is for students to get a job that quickly (fingers crossed!). I’m applying for research assistant/ officer jobs and marketing assistant roles at the moment. Some people say it’s way too early to apply but it’s only 5 months away!! *Panicking*
I hope you all had a great Christmas and new year, will speak soon!

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