Thursday, 31 January 2013

Exciting times!

I don’t think I can quite get over that it’s now the end of January, how fast is this year going already?! Everyone has been super busy with deadlines and dissertations and the thought of finishing my last exam in 4 months time scares me a tad, but the thing that is motivating me through all of it is the thought of come July I’ll be sitting on a nice beach in Spain with no more deadlines woo! Thankfully, I’ve finished my methodology section on my dissertation, well I say finished I’ve done my first draft so I have to amend it here and there, but at least them 3000 words are no longer lingering on my mind! Oh and another lift off my shoulders was that I found out I got high 2:1’s in both my modules for last term J so now it’s the worry of these three modules and my dissertation (so not much then! :P).

As you know I am a research assistant and mentor for the psychology department and as part of the project we’re on I am required to go to France, Amiens to be exact, and it’s come around so unbelievably fast that I’m going there on Monday woo! We had a session on it this week about what we’re doing out there and what we get paid (which gave me a massive smile!) and what times we’re leaving, etc. The bad bit about it is that we have to be at the Greenwich campus at 4am on Monday, yes you read that right – 4am K. So realistically I’ll have to get up at 2:30, what kind of joke are they playing at? – is that I first thought, but then they told us we have to go to Kent first to pick up the kids (who we’re mentoring) and then we’re going through the Eurotunnel and then to Amiens, so we probably won’t get there until 12! So maybe 4am is an okay(ish) time to get there :P. Every since I was a child I have been prone to travel sickness so I definitely have to bring joy rides and sit near the front, especially if we’re going to be on it for 8 hours! I’m going there from Monday to Wednesday which is a good time I think, and although I’m working out there, I look at it as though it’s a paid holiday ;).

Apart from work related stuff, I have been succumbed to the vampire diaries fan club, I don’t know why I never watched it before but I was flicking through Netflix one night and thought ‘yeah I’ll give that a go’, ever since - I have been addicted to it! So if you’ve never watched it and you’re into the whole Twilight/ Charmed thing then get onto the vampire diaries bandwagon as you’ll soon find that your face is glued to the TV all night.

Thinking future wise and all and I’ll be finishing my BSc degree this year, I’ve been thinking about postgraduate study. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to has said ‘I can’t wait to be free of education forever!’ and although I agree with them in a way, I kind of want to do a masters degree to train me in psychological research methods which would be funded by the ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council), as it would open up so many doors into research and that’s what I’d like to do really, or work in academia. If I have the master’s degree, then I could go onto a PhD which would follow on from my masters so that it’s funded by the ESRC too. I’m saying all of this, but these programmes are so competitive let alone to be funded and I’d have to create a PhD thesis :P but it’s always an option, plus can you imagine the amount of research jobs that I would be opened up to if I did do it! I think I’ll work for a year and see how it goes first though ;).

I guess my next blog will be telling you about France, expect a big blog! Speak soon! J

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